In short…

Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? What are we supposed to do with our lives? People have been walking around with these questions long enough now. Time for some answers! Here is a summary of my take on life:

There is no reason why we are here. Life is just there, so are we. We are free to choose how we spend our lives but also fully responsible for our actions. In order to exert free will we need to fully accept this responsibility and act on it.

Life-goals/ dreams we set out to achieve/ realize make life meaningful since it gives us a purpose to live for.

Furthermore, nature in general aims to survive and grow. Everything that stops growing starts dying. By chasing our dreams we align ourselves with this principle by requiring us to overcome challenges, learn new skills and gain more understanding of ourselves and the world in the process.  Plus as added benefit, when our accomplishments are big enough we can survive our physical death in the form of the legacy we leave and thus honoring the principle of survival.

So, what is your take on life?


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