On magic, science, and technology

The James Randi Foundation offers a reward of one million dollar to anyone who can prove that supernatural powers exist. So far no one has been able to claim it. Reality does not seem include paranormal powers and magic…

However, this does not mean we live in a boring world. What people used to try to achieve through magic we can now do with the help of technology, whose improvements was pushed forward by examining how the world really is and doing away with superstitious nonsense.

We can instantly communicate with people on the other side of the globe, wireless. We’re getting closer and closer to machines that can read our minds. We can fly, treat diseases, and even replace lost limbs with moving replacements. We are getting close to being able to regrow limbs and organs. We can hear and see what is happening on the other side of the world. On top of that, the internet and search engines made us near all-knowing.

Science and technology did not just point out the absence of supernatural magic; that would have been lame. No, they actually outdid it by reaching the same desired outcomes in reliable and predictable ways. They replaced the idea of a world filled with magic with one where we can actually achieve the results we hoped magic (and prayer, which is basically asking a deity to perform the magic for you) would grand us. Even if magic did work (after years of secret training) technology would still be better since everyone with enough patience can learn how to use it and understand how it works. It is way more effective since the results work every time under similar circumstances. You can spend your whole life trying to look for the right training to learn how to levitate, or you just build your own hover-board and achieve the same thing.

Magic powers may seem awesome. But science and technology trump it, especially when used to create ways to achieve the same results as magic would give you. Well, not the same. After all these results are real, making it a lot more awesome.

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