Life isn’t fair, get over it (part 2)

Life isn’t fair, yet not unfair either. Is it fair the person across the street wins the lottery but you don’t? No. Is it unfair? No, it’s just a matter of chance. The same goes for our fate. However, what we do with what we’ve been born with and the situations we are presented with is up to us.

Fate is a lottery. The universe is as it is, not as we wish. We can close our eyes to this but it won’t make the bad things just disappear.  Yes shit happens, to both good and bad people. However this doesn’t mean we have to accept the world to stay the way it is. Things like the laws of nature are just what they are, but we can make a change in the world within the limits put on us by nature.

The universe wasn’t made for us. If anything it’s the other way around. We are a way for the universe to know and experience itself. The universe is a wonderful thing but largely inhospitable to life. Life did emerge and flourish on this planet but this despite rather than thanks to the way the universe is. We are just here, neither wanted nor unwanted by the universe. It’s oblivious to us, except through the eyes of other people.

Life just wants to keep on surviving; it takes on different forms that compete with each other, in this way trying to outwit fate. The way this happens does not always fit in our human concept of fair yet that’s just how it is. We could get mad and complain about how unfair life is or focus on just dealing with it in the best way we can.

Life isn’t fair part 1

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