What are you after?

Before you can find the most effective way to achieve something you first need to clearly define what it is you are really after. Putting in effort to find more efficient ways to do your tasks can end up being counterproductive if you fail to take this step.

For example; If you are doing some cleaning at work, finding a more efficient way to clean the place so you can go home earlier might work counterproductive if you get paid by the hour. This because it either leads to more work being expected or you making less money for the same work.

Especially if you clean for a living, the real purpose of cleaning at work is to make the money so you can pay the rent. Once you realize this, you could either decide to look for a higher paid job or start offering cleaning services as a freelancer based per cleaning session instead of per hour. In this case you employing more efficient cleaning methods will enable you to get to your desirable endpoint more effectively (making the money to pay the rent in less time).

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