The Art of Positive Laziness – Index

Here you can read all the chapters of my book the Art of Positive Laziness, for free. Click on the chapter title to start reading.

PS. If you don’t like reading long text online feel free to order the paperback or get the PDF so you can read it on your e-reader.


Part 1: Introduction, setting the record straight
– What is laziness?
– Myths and fables surrounding laziness

Part 2: The foundations of positive laziness
– Elimination
– Effectiveness vs. Efficiency
– Relaxation

Part 3: Action, getting things done
– Positive laziness and self-discipline
– Getting results
– Self-control

Part 4: Practical applications
– Pareto’s Law
– Peace of mind
– Effective communication
– Positive Laziness for students
– Speed reading
– Tips and tricks

Part 5: Positive Laziness and life goals
– The importance of dreams
– Knowing where you want to be
– Achieving your goals

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Get the whole book either as  paperback or get the PDF.

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