The Art of Positive Laziness – Preface

Does the following sound familiar? Work is piling up, days seem to get shorter, and we constantly seem to be busy with one thing or another without making much progress. However, when you look around, you notice that there are some people who never seem to be busy at all yet still get a lot done. You would think a day is just as long for everyone, so what are these people doing differently?

The quest to answer this question is what led me to develop a lifestyle called Positive Laziness. It is a system, a way of thinking and acting that enables you to become one of those people who never seems to be doing much yet still achieves a lot.

What can you expect from this book?

In this reading you’ll be introduced to the art of positive laziness, a way of life to achieve more with less. We will look how we can create more free time by recognizing and eliminating all the nonessential tasks. Furthermore we will take a look on how we can complete the remaining tasks in the most efficient way. Next we’ll discuss ways to improve your overall effectiveness and look at some techniques to talk yourself out of useless tasks at work and school. In the final part of this book we will discuss how Positive Laziness can help you to achieve your life goals and dreams and why these big dreams are so important.

This book is written to help you to create order in the busyness and chaos of daily life, and helps you create more free time. ‘Do less, achieve more’ is the main theme of this book. I tried to keep it as short and essential as possible. I hope you enjoy the read.

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