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Nothing to fear

Even in the shadow of death I have nothing to fear.
Because when I die I simply disappear. 
I’ll just cease to exist.
No harm or pain will persist. 
If death is the worst that can happen to me, 
I might as well take the risks required to create my own destiny. 


Dealing with death

Death is the only certainty in life. We have to accept that it will happen at some point and there will be no second chance. This does not just apply to ourselves of course. Death can strike at any moment to anyone including our friends and family. When this happens we have to be strong and live on. We should not be too surprised or sad either. We should celebrate the lives they had and be glad for the time we had with them. If we let it halt us from moving on we end up wasting the bit of time we still have.

The finite nature of life makes it more scarce and precious. When someone’s time has come that’s just how it is, no matter how sad we get it won’t bring them back. We have to pick ourselves up and carry on. It would be inconsiderate towards the dead to squander the time we still have since they don’t have that luxury anymore. To throw away the chance to experience life and make the best out of it while others don’t have that option anymore  adds insult to injury. When we do so we take our own lives for granted. You could compare it with throwing away perfectly good food with a starving friend in front of you.

Yes, when loved ones die it affects us and we have every reason and right to be sad., but we have to carry on nonetheless. While we are still here we should try to prevent taking life for granted and make something out of it.