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The danger of fine as it is

Science is constantly advancing and businesses keep on innovating. Some people wonder if it ever will be enough. There are always those who resist progress and nostalgically long for the simpler ‘good old days’. Why keep changing things when everything is working fine as it is?There is a serious issue with this ‘it’s fine as it is now so we don’t have to change anything’ mindset. Yes, it might be all good as it is. For now…

The world is always changing, whether we like it or not. Processes that work fine today might be obsolete next year. The knowledge we acquire tomorrow might be outdated next week.

You never know what the future will bring but you can still prepare for it. The more we progress and grow, the better we get at handling those unexpected changes in the future. The more we grow and develop, the more challenges we can overcome.

Striving to improve our knowledge and standard of living is a natural thing to do. The main objectives of life in general are to grow and survive. By constantly pushing to grow we increase our chance of survival as a species. Think for example of the possibility to deflect meteors and asteroids which otherwise will hit the earth. Or the possibility to get the resources which are scarce on earth from outer space. Technological progress is what will bring us there.

So embrace growth and innovation. It might save the world one day.