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Dreams vs. Life Goals

From time to time I get into conversations about people’s dreams and life goals. I can’t resist bringing up the topic and asking about it. When I do I inevitably get asked what’s the difference between the two terms, especially since I often casually use either one. So are they the same?

Ideally yes, but not necessarily.

Your dreams consist of those things you would do, own and achieve in an ideal world. Overall they shape the picture of the world you would create if you could make any wish. Your goals on the other hand are concrete objectives you are working towards. The way to realize your dreams is by turning them into goals and accomplishing them. This requires you to make them more concrete.

Dreams are important, but as long as you don’t commit to them they will stay just that, dreams. You have to take turn them into life goals to make them useful. If you do so they are powerful motivators, they give you something to wake up for. At the same time they give strong directions to your life as well as more control. Once you have set a concrete goal you can start to figure out which steps you need to take to accomplish it.

So dreams and life goals can be the same thing, but you have to be the one making them so by committing to making your dreams come true. No one will do it for you.