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Go Big or Go Home

Go big or go home. This message is often found scribbled at skate parks. Besides the obvious message to challenge yourself by setting big goals it’s a reminder of the following: Give it all or don’t try at all. And once you go for something keep trying until you have it or have to go home for the day because the park closes or you can’t stand anymore. In that case come back the next day and continue.

If this mentality would be applied to life in general nothing would be out of reach. Goals might take longer and be a lot more difficult to achieve than expected, but sheer persistence will help us achieve them in the end.

Don’t lower your goals once you set ones that really excite you. If you’re not progressing try a different way to reach it. Change the path, not the destination.

You get what you settle for. If you settle for less that will be exactly what you’ll get.