My old neighbor

Imagine I told you that I have an old Neighbor called Jack. Jack is a powerful and rich man who’s personality and life is a bit of a mystery. However I do know this: If you work for him for a year, following his specific instructions which only take about a few hours a week he’ll reward you with a million euros. 

Since his ways are mysterious the instructions to follow may sound a bit weird. They require you to wear a green t-shirt at all time and high-five anyone you meet who is named Jack. He also forbids you to eat spaghetti (all other forms of pasta are fine). Furthermore every week he asks you to send him an email about what you like about him. 

Now, unfortunately you can’t contact Jack directly, he won’t answer the emails and you can’t meet him in person since no one knows exactly where he is at any given time. However, if you strictly follow the instructions for a full year you will get a million euro. Are you in?

Now it has to be said that there are people claiming to know Jack better and say that his instructions differ slightly. According to some the shirt color has to be orange. Another group claims that instead of not eating spaghetti you should only eat that specific food. But those people are of course wrong, I know Jack better. I have a special relation with him since he’s my old neighbor. I never actually spoke with him face to face since he’s so reclusive and mysterious, plus due to some unfortunate spaghetti incidents I haven’t received the million euros yet. But I know I’m right. I read the notes directly dictated by Jack and knowing him they accurately represent him. 

So are you in?

Now you might have some questions. Is this for real? Does this jack even exist? But proving that Jack exists is not enough. You also would like to know whether the reward of a million euros is really given to those following his instructions. Even with those 2 things confirmed you need to be sure the instructions are indeed accurate. The only way to do so is to first find Jack and contact him directly. Unfortunately many people have tried but no one has exceeded in doing this yet. Maybe it would be better to live under the assumption that Jack doesn’t exist or that we at least should avoid making any assumptions of what he wants from us and go on and live our own life. 

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